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Expanded Metal Production

 Most types of metal, including precious and specially produced metals, can be expanded. Other materials, such as plastics or other ductile materials can also be expanded.

The process is simple but incredibly effective...


Each machine is fitted with a unique "Knife", dedicated to a particular pattern.

Using the unique shearing and streching process means very little waste is created. The metal is sheared and then stretched in a single process creating the apertures and therefore expanding the metal. The mesh is then either cut into sheets or wound onto coils ready for shipping or further processing.


Expanded Metal Process


       Expanded Metal is sheet metal that has been slit and expanded into a network of uniform shaped openings. None of the material is lost in the process and the strands are all part of the parent metal, rigidly connected at their junctions. Formed in one piece, itcannot ravel or fray and its distinctive pattern is both decorative and substantial. In many cases, the mesh is more rigid than the parent sheet.










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